This blog was founded in 2014 to post news and reviews of websites of interest to the legal profession and how technology is disrupting the legal industry.

Now the streamlined interest of this blog is to write about legal technology and related topics to ICT law.  You will see ideas about regulatory compliance and ICT law; topics relating to the XaaS stack as it relates to law, as well as the legal aspects of cloud technologies, artificial intelligence, and other similar topics.

Our mission is to help attorneys, legal professionals, QA managers and others understand trust services and the technology that is available to them and how to use it. Then empower them to adopt by sharing the positive impacts it can have on their business, client relationships and quality of life.

Legalytech seeks to build legal and regulatory technology products such as compliant e-signature software, case management software, lead generation tools legal industry compliant payment processing system, among other things.

Our materials are tailored to address the challenges and concerns of business owners, Attorneys, IT managers, QA managers, HR managers and all other professionals who operate in heavily regulated industries where compliance to strict regulation is key.

If you are interested in an online meeting, chatting or working together, you can connect with us by filling out our contact form and one of our Legal Technology Specialists will be in touch.